I’ll Wine With You

I should have known this day was going to be rough when C woke up at 12:30 am to begin her nightly conferences with our household. I have been trying to psych her out by using water for one feeding hoping she would get the picture and stop waking up for at least one of the many but no; she chugs it like it was the best milk she ever tasted. Finally after a couple rounds of go-to-sleep-wake-up it was 5:30 and I handed the monitor to J as he gives me a break on Saturday mornings and lets me sleep in. Peace at last. Of course my sweet little slumbering angels usually rise at 6:30 but because Daddy was getting up with them they decided to sleep in until 7:30. That would never happen on my watch. I heard him pick up baby C and then walk into L’s room. Then I hear pitter patter and a door slam followed by a few “oh no’s” and then a “Christy, C pooped all over the place, start the bath”. I’m UP!

J was out of town last weekend and I fully expected to use that against him and have him work overtime this weekend as payback…you weren’t suppose to read that part J. However, being that we are homeowners, we are slaves to the house and there is always something broken that requires his super human strength. Um, HELLO, I have superhuman strength too! I birthed two children! Our patio needs to be pressure cleaned and sealed, I almost think I want that job after my last weekend without reprieve but he is going to win this battle. J needed us off the patio to focus on his work at hand. Keeping a two year old in the house while she can peer out of the window and see Fun Dad is a bad story. Somehow she didn’t want to paint, color, play dolls, play in her room, read books, or play on the iPad. Nope. The only thing in the world to keep her from screaming and tantrums (terrible 2’s?) was daddy and he was busy. Awesome.

He finally finished his blue job (note, please see blog titled pink and blue) and came inside to lay on the couch. Big help. Again, where was he last weekend? Ohhh that’s right, he was GONE. Baby C naps in the morning and afternoons (because she never sleeps at night) and this gives me one on one time with L, which I love. Miami blessed us with a glorious Saturday and I thought maybe I would be able to lounge on a chair while L played on her “park” as she calls it, or swingset. She calls up to me, “Momma sit”, as she points next to her up high in the playhouse. I sigh, “No, momma is going to relax right here in this chair”. “Tired Momma?”. I must be lookin’ rough these days because even my 2 year old recognizes that I’m tired, lovely. Ok, so now I am climbing into the playhouse to play on the chalkboard and be Fun Mom. I layed down on the hard plastic that was not comfortable but I wasn’t complaining, at least I was horizontal. I’ll take rest anyway I can get it these days. She layed down next to me and turned her head to look at me. This was one of those – where did my little 7 pound baby go? – moments. I blinked and she went up and down the slide 5 times. And no matter how hard I push her on the swing she repeated the word “high” nonstop. I screamed up to the house for J to come out and join us outside AKA mommy needs a break. He waltzes down and lays on the lounge chair. Uh, not what I had in mind…switch! Of course the second I plop down to relax I hear the oh so common cries coming from my friend Mr. Video Monitor. I grab C, change her, and take her outside to play with L. She is mobile, she does not stop moving, our dishes are done. She flies all over the house and backyard. Her favorite pasttime outside is to eat the rubber mulch under the swingset. Should this be a red flag? I know when you are pregnant if you crave metal that signals some kind of vitamin difficiency. Correlation of rubber mulch and ??? Greeeeeat.

There is no reason to drag you through the intricacies of the rest of our Saturday except to fill you in on two key stories. The first was when J informed me that as he was jumping in the shower L pointed to the hair on his chest and told him he was dirty and then she pointed a little lower and said the same thing. Uh L? That’s hair and thank you for the laugh out loud moment. The second was when I casually look over at L as she’s attempting to pick up C (who weighs 5 pounds less than her) and carry her across the room, only to result in a crash on the floor and a screaming baby. I ran over, picked her up, redirected her, and she was fine. Fast forward an hour to bath time and as I was pulling off C’s clothes I caught a glance at her smile. My sweet baby who has only 5 teeth was now giving me a snaggle tooth smile with a giant chunk missing out of her front left tooth. LOVELY. How exactly am I going to photoshop every picture of her smile for the next 6 years? Is there an app on the iphone for things like that? I am closing this blog with one of those Ecards floating around the internet which pretty much sums up my evening on this lovely Saturday…

I’m having fruit salad for dinner.

Well, it’s mostly grapes actually.

Ok, all grapes.

Fermented grapes.

I’m having wine for dinner.

Thank you Lord for getting me through this Saturday…I have no verse to apply except to be thankful that I made it through the day and that my children are healthy except for C’s new funny looking smile. Please don’t let her little tooth turn brown, that would not be good. Amen!


One thought on “I’ll Wine With You

  1. “dirty daddy” – cute! M (probably 2 years old) once stumbled in while Mark was doing a stand-up tinkle. Normally he locks the door (can you imagine being able to lock the door while you use the potty? Spoiled!) Anyway – she walks in, walks out, and then proceeds to tell me with deep concern in her voice… “Mommy, something is WRONG with daddy’s girl parts.”

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