Peace Be With You

I am sitting outside, in the dark, on my patio trying to decompress and reflect on the day I have had.  Miami is beautiful, especially in the fall when the temperature drops below 90.  The evenings can even give you a chill at 70 degrees because of the humidity that comes with the tropics.  I think many of you who are my faithful readers, feel that I am having a nervous breakdown half the time dealing with my children and working, however, I am just trying to make peace with my life and give you a quick laugh so that you may get through your own trials and tribulations.  I would not change a thing…okay, maybe just the sleep that my 9 month old deprives me of but, I have learned to cope with that these days too. 

The Monday after any holiday weekend is rough, but the Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend is such a tease for the upcoming Christmas holidays.  Sigh.  It was so hard to get through Sunday just knowing I would have to say goodbye to my babies and work on Monday.  Wait, something just moved 20 feet from me in the bushes.  I am telling myself it is a large ant.  Okay, Moving on.  My Monday was no different than others, besides the extra five solid pounds of pumpkin pie and turkey weighing my gut down, no lie.  L spent the day with her Nana and decided against nap time.  This should have given me my first clue as to how my evening was going to shape up.  She does NOT do well without a nap.  In fact, it sends her into a crazy state of mind as if she has swallowed some kind of caffeine pill.  She is fine around other people but I guess she feels most comfortable to let loose around those that love her most, which therefore brought out my honey badger.  She was insane in the membrane.  L would pick up a ball and hit her sister on the head and laugh, she proceeded to straddle C and ride her like the rocking horse in the living room.  She started jumping up in the air and crashing down on her knees, which would make most children scream in pain, but she just patted them and grunted.  How often can you stick a 2 year old in time out?  And how long is it suppose to last?  I can hardly walk away from her door because I feel so guilty…not tonight.  Tonight I shut that door and took a walk to the kitchen to take a breather and make sure C was not pulling down the Christmas tree that she is obsessed with.  I heard L screaming and throwing things.  Awesome.  She came out of time out like nothing happened two minutes later.  She didn’t even have a red face when I opened the door.  Drama like her mama.  

We are in the process of potty training.  The pee pee part is going well besides an occasional faucet down the leggings but all in all I am pleased.  Number two is eluding us and leaving surprises in the undies that are not so fun but I feel we are moving in the right direction.  We have one of those little potty toilets we keep in the living room.  I have come to hate it.  It is just gross.  I don’t like to look at it and I especially hate that C loves to crawl towards it hoping to lift up the top and pull the bowl out.  Blech.  L gets an M&M when she has successful results so I am convinced she holds a little back everytime to ensure extra candy.  Just a thought.  I have to rinse out that nasty bowl after every episode and I almost throw up in my mouth.  Ugh.  Tonight L was washing her hands in the sink and I told her she was never allowed to touch the bowl and that Mommy and Daddy were the only ones allowed to touch it and clean it.  I should have known better.  She reached for that green thing so quick and dumped it right over.  Timeout number three for the night.  I had only been home 45 minutes. 

On Monday nights J goes to a bible study and doesn’t get home until 9:30 which leaves me looking at my watch often.  Nana invited us over for dinner, thank goodness, so I thought putting them in there PJ’s would help eleviate the chaos when we got home later.  I packed the girls up and drove a couple blocks away.  My sweet niece that is 12 was waiting to relieve me.  Love her.  If I could convince her to drop out of school and raise my children I would.  I plopped C in the highchair and proceeded to feed her dinner.  She actually ate the jar of baby food which does not happen very often.  I also fed her pieces of whole wheat bread which keep her little fingers busy picking up.  I love not having to worry about dinner.  Thank you Lord for mother in laws that live close by and cook like Martha Stewart.  L was busy running in circles and drawing on random pieces of paper.  Her favorite color is blue and it is what she chooses to color with as her first choice.  The only blue marker in the house looked, how do you say, not crayola-ish?  I told her “no”.  Somehow she managed to grab it.  The next thing I know I look over and her mouth is blue with no ruby red lips to find.  There is more. 

As I sit down to enjoy my perfectly cooked lamb chop, baked potato, and asparagus, with C in my arms, she proceeds to hurl her winter squash and turkey with bread all down my entire shirt and jeans and all over her PJ’s.  I run outside to the patio.  More projectile vomit and then a big smile and baby talk.  Awesome.  I was so thankful I was a little stuffy and couldn’t smell that famous smell.  I ripped off my drenched shirt only to put on my mother in laws sleeveless workout shirt with gaping sides so that you could see all that isn’t there.  Then I hear “pee pee”, I run L to the bathroom and when I leaned down my favorite pair of Havaiana flip flops broke.  Excellent.  Party was over at this point.  C was naked with a diaper, L was red faced and restless, and mommy was straight out of Wal-Mart at 3am, barefoot.   The kids are now asleep and all is well.  No more chaos for tonight.  I am thankful the day is over.  I am not anticipating a good night sleep but I am anticipating a soft pillow and a warm husband on this 69 degree Florida night.  There are so many other things to worry about in this life, throw up and pee pee are not one of them. 

“Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.” Isaiah 26:12

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