Lets be real here. Dressing up a barely two year old and an eight month old in itchy tool and polyester outfits, and dragging them around with buckets so that they can get candy that you’ll never let them eat, is a bit ridiculous. However, this is exactly what I rushed home from work to do on Wednesday. Of course I HAD to go by Publix first and spend 20$ on two bags of candy (candy is expensive!) and I thought about picking up dinner, but I cancelled that thought because I’d much rather eat my dinner calories in Snickers, Sweet Tarts, and Reese’s. I ran in the door and said “L! L! Lets get your costume on and go trick or treating!!!”. It was followed by her looking at me bewildered and saying “no, park”. Apparently she didn’t understand what the pumpkin at the front door meant. It was time to show her how fun dressing up can be.

My sister gave me a huge bag of Disney princess costumes that she had saved for the girls from her daughter. I brought it out of hiding last week to fish out some costumes and was definitely more excited than L was. C and L were going to wear matching Tinkerbell costumes. How fun…for me anyways. I actually had two choices for L, Tink and Minnie Mouse. She could care less about either, I guess we haven’t hit the princess stage yet, I should be happy about this. I put Minnie on her first and made such a big deal hoping she would love it. Nope. She started screaming “Off! Off!”. The scratchy material against her baby skin was not feeling so good. I then started to put on Tinkerbell and she melted down on the floor. Greaaaaaat. Oh well, she’ll love it next week for Halloween. Fast forward to the 31st again.

I rush into my room trying to get out of work clothes and into walking clothes and all the while I’m telling L to get dressed. She is not acquiescing. I finally bribe her with “We are going to see Jack! You’ve got to get dressed!”. She’s is obsessed with her best friend Jack and if he is involved in anything then she will do it. Score! Too bad she’s not seeing him until we hit the church for a harvest party in an hour. Right as I get L dressed and run to grab a diaper for her naked bottom, the Pediatric Gastroenterologist calls. I’ve been playing phone tag with her trying to figure out why C refuses to sleep and hoping it’s the acid reflux. Oh, I know you all want to hear about how I’m still not sleeping, but that story is really shaping up to be a novel, and a thoroughly depressing one at that, so we will stick to Halloween for now. The doctor is asking me a million questions therefore, to keep L happy, we go outside to the backyard. She’s barefoot and chooses to rub her feet in black dirt. Whatever, I have wipes and she will bathe later. Then she picks up the bocce balls and hurls them onto the stone patio. It’s all I can do to redirect her and grab the last two out of her hands. To top it off she looks at me and pees on Tinkerbell’s skirt. Minnie Mouse it is! I get off the phone and rip off Tink. Minnie is not going on until we have a diaper on that tush. I am suppose to meet a friend in the neighborhood five minutes ago and I am running on empty. I load the girls into the double stroller and take off.

I walk L up to the first house so excited to document this milestone. “No”. Followed by “Nooooooooooo” in a whiney voice. I try to convince her how fun this is. Ok so I drag her up to the door and knock. She tries to hide. It’s showtime, “say trick or treat L!”…”Chick-o-cheat!”. Precious!!! We meet up with Little Red Riding Hood and the candy is commencing! C, at this point, is not digging the stroller so I abandon ship and put the Ergo on. If you don’t have a Baby Ergo I highly recommend buying one. It is a million times better than the Bjorn and doesn’t hurt your back at all! We begin coaxing the girls down the street and pushing them towards people’s houses. It’s a bit challenging, I’m not going to lie, we have to knock on the door ourselves or point to the doorbell. The good news is my neighbors buy great candy! I’m definitely chowing down tonight! L even tries to grab extra’s, she must have known she had to share with mommy. After 7 houses I’m happy with the acquired loot and we walk home to continue our night at the church festival. 2 hours later, after bounce houses and pony rides and lots of sugar L is having tantrums and saying “EAT!” This is the first time she’s ever said this word and I am clearly a bad parent for not feeding my poor child and expecting her to survive on a pack of skittles. We finished the night with a much needed bath, nu nu’s for L, and some fabulous candy…in my belly. Happy Chick-o-cheating!!


One thought on “Chick-O-Cheat!

  1. M finds princess dresses itchy too and does the same whining thing. Two things help – 1. A really soft close-fitting tank top (the ones from old navy are good, though you can sometimes find spaghetti strap ones at gapkids). Ours is white and it goes on under dresses like ariel , tink, or our long-sleeved aurora with strappy shoulders. 2 – a similar t shirt that goes under anything with poufy sleeves because the elastic around the arms is evidently like burning hot lava. We cut out the elastic on the neck of the t-shirt (but not too much) so it covers any lace on the neckline. I’m sure they were adorable!

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