My Mailing Address

Publix is my other home address. Have you seen me there? Looking bewildered and walking around aimlessly from one side of the store to the other and back again with kids strapped to me or standing on my head? I am a mess when it comes to Publix and planning food. I could shave off 3 hours of my week if I planned better. I am in awe of people that only go once a week. It is NOT possible. I cannot even plan two dinners in advance. I try. I manage to buy multiple vegetables or a couple different meats but I just can’t seem to get it together. How do people have time? I follow the Crockin’ Girls, Skinny Slow Cooker, and others on Pinterest, and I’ve pinned a million recipes, but somehow I can’t put a weeks worth of food on a list! I ask J on Sundays, “what do you feel like for dinner this week?”, always the same response…”meat and vegetables”. Why thank you honey that really clears it up for me. I’ve got a menu all planned out. And, is it me or has your Publix bill gone up lately? I can’t leave the store without spending $50 and that is on a good day when I’ve already been there for my major shopping list. I am thinking about buying a cow for our backyard because I am sure I will break even on milk or even make some money.

Don’t even get me started about Sundays. The entire world leaves there families for the day and flies, drives, and lands at my Publix. Single ladies, please hit up the Publix on South Beach if you need a date. My Publix is filled with taken husbands, equally as bewildered as myself, and they do not need you to smile and wink at them. I see you checking out Mr. Mom in front of me, NOT COOL. Have you see the Deli? Give your babies kisses goodnight because if you leave for Publix by 3 you are guaranteed that your husband will be bathing, feeding, and putting the kids to bed without you. Night night. Why do I have to dig to find later expiration dates on milk, OJ, vegetables and bread. I don’t have time to shuffle behind 5 gallons to go from October 3rd to October 10th, but I will. Try me Mr. Stock Boy. Mommy doesn’t mess around at Publix.

When it comes to organic can someone please make a decision? There are tons of articles saying you must only buy organic and then there are studies that say organic doesn’t necessarily make a difference. Um, actually I disagree…organic does make a difference…in PRICE! Oh my! So I pick and choose my organic products and of course Publix puts organic in different spots all over the store. Thank you. I need to get my pedometer on and see how many miles I can clock walking the store. And no I don’t really have a pedometer so stop laughing at me.

You can say I am a bit worked up about Publix. Deep Breath. I am sorry. I support my native Florida supermarket but I need a personal chef and shopper to help categorize and simplify my life and if you know of someone that can carry my kids while I waltz around please call me. I’ll be in the nervous breakdown aisle next to the open all the junk food to keep your kids happy aisle. Which is located in the take all my money part of the store. Xoxo

Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.” (John 6:27 NIV)


2 thoughts on “My Mailing Address

  1. I was at Publix yesterday and it’s so true about the milk date. I did the same thing. I go to Publix every other day which is a bit much. I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy hormones but I can’t decide on what to make for dinner. Also making a good dinner requires a lot more energy that I can handle right now. This week I started getting heartburn, so now I have to avoid certain foods which will make it harder on what to eat. It’s true about noticing all the dads that go to Publix with the kids and you can tell the moms stayed at home for a break or maybe that have a baby at home lol. Christy, you are not alone. Everything you wrote is exactly what I experienced yesterday at Publix lol. I also walked back and forth.

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