Eye Spy

One of the most important inventions to ever come on the market for mothers was the entrance of the video monitor. How did mothers before us survive without it? It keeps me sane. If I did not have a video monitor I would have burned holes in the floor walking back and forth checking on the babies in their cribs. Not to mention gluing my ear against the door trying to hear what may or may not be going on while they go down for a nap. I am the first to admit that I can be borderline neurotic and this has helped ease my worry. I can at least see that they are not flipping out of the crib or climbing the shelves in their closet…or if they are, I can run in and go bananas on them.

With L, I would put the monitor 6 inches from her body so I could see the rise and fall of her chest when she was an infant. Relax mom, I never put her in danger with the cords, I just wanted to know that all was okay. I kept the screen lit up throughout the night so I could open my eyes and see all was well and then fall back into a coma until the following minute when she would wake up and want to nurse. When she started to move around a bit I moved the monitor to the corner of the crib angled down so that I could see the entire mattress and still see her breathing. J was right there with me. He would grab it and stare for ten seconds until he saw some kind of movement. Ahhh, such a good feeling.

If the monitor is not plugged in, then the screen shuts off but you can still hear noises. One time we heard a noise and clicked on to see what was going on and we had two alien eyes staring back at us. L was standing for the first time, she pulled herself up all by herself and she was getting ready to pull the camera down. We went sprinting into her room to save our beloved camera, our spying eye. We became addicted to that screen especially when she started blabbering. “Dadadadadadada, dadadada”, why do they say dada first? Don’t they understand that mama sacrifices so much more to bring them here and it is just not fair that dada is the first word but, I digress. We loved hearing L talk while she went down for her nap or to bed. So adorable.

Now, with L in her toddler bed, we need the monitor in the corner of the room angled down to make sure she isn’t doing cartwheels off the changing table. If we didn’t have that monitor there would be multiple packages of wipes that met there death before there time was due. The first thing L does when we shut the door and put her down is to check out the changing table and see what mom forgot to move. Her absolute favorite is Vitamin A&D ointment or cream. Her second favorite is the wipes. After putting her down one night, I went into the kitchen to clean up the food stuck to EVERYTHING and forgot to check the monitor, big mistake. I heard her reading books or doing something and I just figured she was playing in bed. 20 minutes later I took a walk towards her room and before even entering I smelled a very distinct smell. She had gotten the A&D ointment and proceeded to completely wipe down one of her toys. It was everywhere and thankfully when I entered she was asleep. I did not even know where to begin. She was a greasy mess. I took her nasty toy, and the left over tube, and grabbed some wipes. Her hair was disgusting, it was matted on her head and mashed into her pillow. I just walked out. What could I do? Throw her in the tub dead asleep? It was a thought but I just waited until the next morning and let it go. Lets just say she was well moisturized for the next couple days.

With C we purchased another camera so we could keep an eye on them both. Two camera’s in one room, sounds like overkill, I know. One camera facing down on L and one facing down on C. Like I said, we always need to make sure they are breathing. I am crazy like that. I have been trying to put them in the same room ever since C was born 6 months ago. I hear all these stories about mothers who have two young kids in the same room and its great, rainbows and butterflies, no problems whatsoever. They must be lying. I tried it once for nap time. It lasted one second. I had the monitor on, looking at C who was already asleep, and I see L’s hands coming through the slats on the crib grabbing for C. Um, I don’t think this is going to work. Back into our room she goes.

One more story about L really quick before I finish, oh and stay posted because we are getting ready to go on a vacation with the kids and that is going to be one crazy blog. I have already begun packing and I feel like I am moving houses! There is so much to do! Anywho, my mother brought over a door stopper for L’s room that she found at Cracker Barrel. It is terribly ugly, no offense mom. It is a dark brown cat with orange stripes, yuck, and it does NOT go with her room but her door will not stay open without it so it stays. L is obsessed with it. We have no idea why. We put her to sleep every night and check the monitor, she is laying there with her little snuggly pink blanket, all is well and then we look away. Two seconds later we check the monitor again and she is in the same position but the cat is in bed with her. How did it get there? We just saw her and she was almost asleep, now that ugly cat is next to her? The next day, the same thing. It has become a joke…El Gato seems to sneak into her bed all the time. If we happen to move it after she goes to sleep she somehow wakes up and it magically appears in bed. I have even seen her on the monitor, feeding that cat her bottle. That explains the white marks on it, gross. I pray L and C never figure out how mommy and daddy always know what is going on when the door is shut, hopefully those camera’s make it through the teenage years because if they are anything like I was, we are in big trouble.

“From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth” Psalms 33:13-14


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