Pink and Blue

There has always been, and will always be, a battle and debate of the sexes. Man vs Woman, He vs She, and now I will explain Pink vs Blue in the household realm. Two years ago we heard my cousins refer to chores in their house under the terms pink and blue. We stole this terminology and still use it on a daily basis.

Example 1: “J, the trash is full, the grass is high, the diaper genie stinks…BLUE JOB!”

Example 2: “Christy, we are out of beer, we need more grapes, L needs diapers…PINK JOB”

Are you catching on? This has become how we divvy up chores and place blame in our household. Although I feel like the mom gets the raw end of the deal. We have wayyyyy more duties and CHILDBIRTH says it all!! PINK PINK PINK! Not to mention we have to shave our legs and armpits, wear heels, workout to stay fit in all our free time (NOT), take care of the household ie.. .grocery shop, maintain toiletries in all bathrooms, keep the diapers comin’ and keep everyone dressed appropriately. All of these things are categorized as pink jobs.

Crazy things happen when Daddy has to pull a pink job and has the opportunity to pick out a wardrobe for the kiddos. L comes out in two different colored blue top and bottoms with crazy socks and shoes that are either too big or she wore 5 months ago. OH GEEZ. And then he gets offended if I change her clothes so I have to suck it up and allow her to stay in the chaos that is blue on blue. I look for reasons to change her…”Oops L, mommy spilled water all over you, are you cold? Lets get a different outfit on”. J has outlawed one of L’s bathing suits because he says its impossible to put on her…it criss crosses in the back and he can’t figure out how to get her legs in there without having the whole thing crazy on one side. One day she came out to the pool with both straps on one side cutting off her circulation with J trailing behind her huffing and puffing and then he yells “PINK JOB!”.

Mommy has started doing a few blue jobs around the house and I am not happy about it! The pool tends to get a little finicky in the summers and when it rains it can turn green within hours. That being said, I occasionally have to make a few runs to the pool store for chlorine. I have to just go off on a tangent about the pool store. First of all, I bring them a water sample and hand it over to a 15-18 year old boy. He has a whole contraption set up to test the water in which they squeeze a few drops into a test tube and use a couple drops of what looks like food coloring. SERIOUSLY? It’s a joke! A total sham!! Half the time our pool is green and they are telling us the PH balance is perfect. Yea buddy, sure sure, whatever you say, I’ll take a packet of your finest pool shock and gallon or three of chlorine but if you think it seems to be ok I’ll send the tadpoles to your pooI. BLUE JOB!! Chainsaws, electrical issues, mowers, blowers, disposals, trash on Monday and Thursday nights, not to mention the grill…all BLUE.

Upon mommy’s discretion, and only when it is beneficial, will I call a GRAY job into play. I can only change so many poop diapers in a day, party with C in the middle of the night for so many nights, do laundry until I float away with it, and unload and load the dishwasher before I start to want to throw myself into it. I can’t. Gray jobs are also paying and filing bills. This can all go both ways. My husband wants me to throw in how he vaccuums and dusts, and daddy does an occasional trip to the grocery store…he is saying this because I got a traffic ticket for a U-turn today and he felt bad for me so he ventured to Publix. Shout out to J! He rocks! And he made dinner tonight… he must want some action. Too bad I was up with C 3 times last night. Not happening.

The next time your spouse asks you to do something outside the box, remind him about the colors that divide. The dog needs to go out…how should I call this one?

“For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God.” 1 Corinthians 11:12


4 thoughts on “Pink and Blue

  1. I heard this statement recently “when a man takes out the trash, to him he feels like he just cleaned the whole house.”

    At the end of the day us woman end up doing it all!

  2. Ohy word! I just read all of your blogs at one time. I have been laughing to tears the whole time!! Thank you thank you!! Hysterically true!! I laughed so much, Erik said he would read them 🙂
    All men need to read to see their wives are not crazy & all moms need to read to see that we’re not crazy!
    Keep it up! You write truth & laughter!!!!
    Good for my soul! It made me laugh as water dripped from my upstairs neighbor’s toilet into my bleached clean bathroom from the leak last night. So I laughed instead of cursed & am about to go bleach again with a twinkle in my eye!
    Love you friend! Keep sharing with us!!

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