iLove my idol

I wake up to fussing and grunts and check my phone next to the bed. It’s 2:55 and C is up…again. I quickly calculate when she went to bed and when she should feed again. I jump up, nurse her, rock her, lay her down, lean over her to make sure she’s out, and then tip toe back to bed and drop in. I pick up my iPhone. What’s on Facebook? Who’s out and about doing fun things? Eating yummy dinners?
Vacationing in Napa? I flip over to the USA today app and check to see if I have missed anything in the news. Nope, the political arena is the same, internationally nothing has changed, and it’s hot across America. I switch to the celebrity portion and read about Jennifer Garner who actually talked about how she was up at 3 am feeding her baby. Now THAT I can relate to. C’mon over and have a glass of wine with me Jen, let’s trade stories. I pass out. C wakes up at 6 and I try and nurse her back to sleep. I click on the white noise app to keep my husbands snoring at bay and hope to catch a few more zzzzzz’s. 20 minutes accomplished, I’ll take it.

I scramble to get ready for work as L plays on my phone going through all the pictures of her swimming in the “pooo” (pool). She has gotten pretty handy with the touch screen, sliding from picture to picture and clicking on videos to play. I fly around the house getting my breast pump, the funnels, my work computer, my keys, wallet, cooler, and lastly, the most important of all…my iPhone.

Two years ago the pastor at our church did a sermon on Idols. I grew up hearing stories from the Bible about worshipping idols and I knew there was only one true God. It was only after listening to this sermon that my whole idea of what an idol could be, changed for me. I now see that I have many idols in my life…case and point, my iPhone. What did people do before the
iPhone??? Seriously!!!!

My day continues…

I have a lunch scheduled with an account (I’m a sales rep) so I need to confirm the lunch and book a caterer. I open up the maps app to call the client then I pull up the iwant app to find an italian restaurant in the vicinity. I get to my first accounts office and have to wait for 20 minutes. No problemo, I open my Zulily app and look for cute shoes for L and C with money I don’t have to spend. I switch over to my notes app and make a grocery list. I send my husband a reminder about dinner with friends in the icalendar app and then I stand up to walk in to see the client and my phone drops face down. Oh. My. God! My idol almost broke. Notice how I didn’t say Gosh. Yes, I said God because it has just about taken the place of God in my life. If something would’ve happened to “my precious” (let the voice from Lord of the Rings play) then you would see tears, and I know this because it happened before I had kids and a husband and I really did cry. It has become part of my body, it is in my hand as I type this, it is “My Precious”. She is my queen bee. I seem to carry food back to her always.

All my 1,301 pictures and videos, all my music, all my apps would not be accessible for an undisclosed amount of time, no longer at my fingertips. What would YOU do with your time if this happened? Who would you call? You wouldn’t! You would be a disaster!

Definition of Idol:
An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. OR
A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.

iPhone = my god

The second part of that definition should be my love for God and my actions should represent His impact on my heart. The bottom line is, He should be my idol. “Do not turn to idols or make metal gods for yourselves. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:4 NIV)”. I find it amazing the Bible even says “metal gods”, I guess he knew I would love the iPhone. I’m impressed.

The next time my iPhone falls, or L drops it in water, I suppose I will survive and live to fight another day. After all, the iPhone 5 comes out soon so I’ve got that going for me…


2 thoughts on “iLove my idol

  1. Great blog, Christine! You’re a great writer. I admire you… up all hours of the night then being presentable for a successful job… I find it hard to get ready even to just go to Publix 🙂

    • Thanks Holly!! I actually think its harder to stay at home with kids! With a job I get to leave the house and be among the living and run errands in the way home. With kids it’s crazytown all the time!! I admire YOU!!!

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