My ex husband, SLEEP

I realize I am not the only working mother with two small children trying to juggle it all. I drive by houses with white front doors, black front doors, glass doors and think to myself “I wonder if she goes to the bathroom with a baby bjorn strapped to her and a one year old peering through her legs wondering if she is going pee pee or poo poo”. Yes, the answer is usually yes. Not that fathers aren’t amazing and don’t help out tremendously (at least my wonderful husband does) but only that mothers seem to take the brunt of it. IT being everything. I hope all my posts can make you laugh, whether you are single, married, man or woman.

Last night was Saturday. I can’t even stay awake to see the opening scene of Saturday Night Live. To be honest, I don’t even want to see the clock hit 10:00 because my five month old, C , loves to party. Once she goes to sleep I usually have until 1 am to get sleep. That being said I need to drop dead as soon as she goes down or that is it. It is over. You see, sleep divorced me when I was 9 months pregnant 6 months ago. He left me and he hasn’t come back. Oh, he gives me brief intervals of what it can be like but he quickly snaps me back into reality. I am used to C partying in the middle of the night. She has acid reflux and seems to dislike sleeping for more than 6 hours, and 6 hours is a good night. After 1am she wakes up anywhere from every hour to every 3 hours. PLEASE don’t suggest anymore books! I have every flippin’ book there is! We have tried everything but that is going to be an entirely different posting for only people that have a reason to read about acid reflux in an infant… NO BUENO. Anywho, last night L, my one year old, must have heard that C throws a wicked party in the middle of the night so she woke up to join her at 1am. She cried for an hour and a half, I layed down with her for part of that hour and then let her cry for the rest. She fell asleep at 2:30 so I dropped to sleep at 2:40 and low and behold C woke at 3 to be nursed. She went back to sleep until 5, I bounced her for ten minutes and she fell asleep again all the while my husband snored like a baby completely oblivious to the bouncing and crying 2 feet from him. She went back to sleep for 50 minutes until she woke at 6 and I dragged her in bed with me to nurse her at her leisure so I could go in and out of consiousness and catch glimpses of my ex… Sleep. The best mornings are the ones when my husband wakes up and says “That was a good night, she didn’t wake up at all”. Wroonnnnnng!!! FAIL! I know the Lord does not give me more than I can handle so He must think I am doing an OK job. I will take this verse to heart and be thankful I will live to sleep or not sleep another night.

James 5:11 “As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perserverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy”


7 thoughts on “My ex husband, SLEEP

  1. I like the description of sleep as an ex. How appropriate. Also, I think you could print shirts with a “not accepting book recommendations” message that would sell like hot-cakes to new moms!

  2. I too am a working parent. I feel your pain. It is tough to do it all. Stay strong persevere, sleep will return one day. There is hope for reconciliation with the “ex”. Sleep will return. Don’t be discouraged. Try taking a cat nap on your lunch break. I always try to take an extra few minutes getting in and out of the car throughout the workday for quiet time, prayer and maybe a quick cat nap. Hang in there sister. Jehovah Jirah.

  3. It’s been a long time since I had little ones but I remember it like it was yesterday. Enjoy every second! My baby is leaving for college next week.

  4. I reminisce about the days when Rome would sleep 5-6hr stretches in his crib, now he’ll only do 2 soooometimes 3hr stretches. Ive been dealing with it till I go to bed and then he just stays with me and sleeps till morning, its so tempting because he’ll actually STTN when in my bed. Anyways, Im home now so no more excuses, I will soon be getting no sleep as well and praying for perserverance!

  5. My dear friend, it is the highlight of my day when I get to read a new thought from you. We are on the same page but you express it much better than I. Just so you know, you are doing such a great job as a full-time working mom, wife, and doer of all. I know it doesn’t feel like it all the time but it’s true. We will make it to the other side where sleep and romantic nights with our husbands will become a regular part of our life again. For now, consider each day a battle won if you have those beautiful girls safely tucked in and your husband sleeping soundly beside you as you try to get some rest of your own. There is a reason God made us the multi-taskers of the world–we can do this!

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